"When I look in the eyes of an animal, I do not see a animal.  I see a living being.  I see a friend.  I feel a soul."  ~A.D. Williams


Dan Gomola's Wildlife Photography & Photo Essay


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Through my photography, I hope to exhibit the beauty of our forests and encourage an admiration for our wildlife and wild spaces.

Photographs on this website are protected under US copyright laws and may not be reproduced.


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Photographs on this website are protected by US copyright laws and may not be reproduced.
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Thank you for visiting my website.

I grew to love nature and wildlife growing up in Punxsutawney on the edge of the Pennsylvania Wilds region. Through the years, I was fortunate to experience professional sports photography, newspaper photojournalism, and some wedding photography.

I enjoyed them all but have always gravitated back to photography on the wild side. While I don't rely on photography as a career, it is certainly a part of my life that makes me feel blessed to be able to experience.

I concentrate specifically on wildlife and wild spaces found in Pennsylvania but it is my hope that, wherever you are, my images will make you take a step back and reflect on the beauty that surrounds us.

If you like my photos or have any other comment please leave a message. I’d appreciate it.

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Guestbook for Dan Gomola Wildlife Photography
Janet M Funkhouser(non-registered)
Great pics and videos. Love seeing all the wonder out there.
Sue Gomola(non-registered)
beautiful work I will follow
Cindy Davis(non-registered)
Dan, I totally love your pictures and I hope to keep seeing them ❤️
karen walter(non-registered)
Absolutely love you photos!!! Didn’t think they could be any better, but you ALWAYS amaze me!!!
WILLIAM WOMACK(non-registered)
Dan, I met you in the area of Chase Bridge Road this past June and was wondering if you posted the warblers yet? I have just started reviewing some of your work on this website___ just to Beautiful for words. Bill
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