Alberta and Paul Roman(non-registered)
Happy Holidays to the Gomolas.
Paul and I were just going thru the pictures you sent again and enjoyed them. Sharing them with others at Christmas.
I just ordered a book on Amazon and looking forward to reading it..sounds intriguing and something you might like. An Immense World;How animal senses reveal the hidden realms around us by Ed Young.
Trust you are all well. I t would be lovely to see you at camp sometime in 2023.
Janet M Funkhouser(non-registered)
Great pics and videos. Love seeing all the wonder out there.
Sue Gomola(non-registered)
beautiful work I will follow
Cindy Davis(non-registered)
Dan, I totally love your pictures and I hope to keep seeing them ❤️
karen walter(non-registered)
Absolutely love you photos!!! Didn’t think they could be any better, but you ALWAYS amaze me!!!
WILLIAM WOMACK(non-registered)
Dan, I met you in the area of Chase Bridge Road this past June and was wondering if you posted the warblers yet? I have just started reviewing some of your work on this website___ just to Beautiful for words. Bill
Bobbie Rochow(non-registered)
Dan I love your bear photos! Especially the ones with the Momma laying down with them. It is a special private time for them & you captured it nicely. :)
Larry Arnold(non-registered)
First time visiting your site, inspired by seeing ur spread in the May-June issue of PENNSYLVANIA MAGAZINE. Ur patience and equipment - and some darn good luck - produce stunning images that this amateur photog really appreciates. Website design makes exploring ur talent and the resulting images easy and enjoyable to do, too. Worthy of a bookmark. :)
Kelly Hamm(non-registered)

Your work is absolutely spectacular. Thank you for putting your photos on the web. I came to your website after reading your beautifully illustrated article in the Amy/June 2019 issue of Pennsylvania Magazine. Keep up the great work!
Pat Conway(non-registered)

Thank you so much for sharing your gift of wildlife photography with us. You truly have a naturalist's eye.
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