Loiusiana Waterthrush - Stream Lurker

August 13, 2020  •  1 Comment

One of the first signs of spring in eastern North America is the Louisiana Waterthrush.  When you come across a wooded stream with fast moving water, stop, have a seat, and listen for his metallic song.  Soon you may see one foraging on the rocks midstream or at water's edge.

Louisiana WaterthrushLouisiana Waterthrush


Although the Louisiana Waterthrush is a warbler, its brown plumage and bold streaking lets you know why it has "thrush" in their name.  As they move about, they tend to rock their body which causes their tail to bob up and down.  This bird's scientific name motacilla is Latin for "wagtail".

Louisiana WaterthrushLouisiana Waterthrush


On both its breeding ground of eastern North America and wintering ground in the West Indies and Central America, this species stays close to moving water —especially forested streams and creeks.

Louisiana WaterthrushLouisiana Waterthrush


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Donna Mohney(non-registered)
I've only seen one once at Mammoth Park. I'm not real good at being patient!
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