2020 Warbler Wrap-up

August 31, 2020  •  1 Comment

Warbler "season" is a fantastic time of year for me.  I love spending time afield hoping to photograph one of these little beauties in a nice pose that shows off their breeding plumage.  It doesn't last long though.  April through mid-June is about all the time I get to experience the height of warbler season.

There is approximately 32 species of warbler, plus a few hybrids, that I could come across each year.  I have never seen them all in one season.  In addition, I have never made a "wall worthy" photo of all the species I did see.  I always say, "There is next year."

I've recently published some photo essays of a more species specific nature and I hope you all enjoyed them.  This photo essay is my "warbler wrap up" for 2020.  You may see a couple repeat photos but I included one photo for each species of warbler I photographed in 2020.

When you hover your mouse over each photo, you will see the name of the warbler.  Don't hover if you want to test your warbler knowledge.

American RedstartAmerican RedstartMale


Bay-breasted WarblerBay-breasted WarblerMale


Black-and-white WarblerBlack-and-white Warbler


Black-throated Blue WarblerBlack-throated Blue Warbler


Black-throated Green WarblerBlack-throated Green Warbler


Blackburnian WarblerBlackburnian Warbler


Blackpoll WarblerBlackpoll Warbler


Blue-winged WarblerBlue-winged Warbler


Canada WarblerCanada Warbler


Cerulean WarblerCerulean Warbler


Chestnut-sided WarblerChestnut-sided Warbler


Common YellowthroatCommon Yellowthroat


Hooded WarblerHooded Warbler


Kentucky WarblerKentucky Warbler


Louisiana WaterthrushLouisiana Waterthrush


Magnolia WarblerMagnolia Warbler


Mourning WarblerMourning Warbler


Northern ParulaNorthern Parula




Palm WarblerPalm Warbler


Pine WarblerPine Warbler


Prairie WarblerPrairie Warbler


Prothonotary WarblerProthonotary Warbler


Tennessee WarblerTennessee WarblerMale


Worm-eating WarblerWorm-eating Warbler


Yellow WarblerYellow Warbler


Yellow-rumped WarblerYellow-rumped WarblerMyrtle Warbler


Yellow-throated WarblerYellow-throated Warbler


That's it.  I hope this made you wonder a little bit about the beauty in our woods and fields.  They are there.  You just need to get out and look.

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Dan, I couldn't pick a favorite. they are all beautiful. love the pictures.
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