Sky Dancing Ritual of the American Woodcock

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The American Woodcock, also known as the timberdoodle, Labrador twister, night partridge, and bog sucker, are a superbly camouflaged bird against the leaf litter of the forest floor.  While its subdued plumage and low-profile behavior make it hard to find, springtime is an exception.

WoodcockWoodcockPhotographed at night during mating ritual


A male woodcock’s evening display flights are one of the magical natural sights of springtime in the east.  Males sound off a buzzy peent call from a display area on the ground.  Then he flies upward in a wide spiral and his wings begin to twitter as he gets higher.  At a height of 200–350 feet the twittering becomes intermittent, and the bird starts to descend. He zigzags down in a steep dive back to the ground, chirping as he goes, landing silently near a female, if one is present.  Once on the ground, he resumes peenting and the display starts over again.

WoodcockWoodcockPhotographed at night during mating ritual


One evening in late March, my friend Jake Dingel and I set out to find the American Woodcock performing their mating display.  We were successful and made plans to return with our photography equipment within a couple days.  We returned two days later, joined by my wife Elena.  Since it is dark outside when the performance begins, a flashlight is needed to illuminate the bird so the camera is able to focus.  Elena did a great job locating and tracking the bird so we could photograph him.

After finding a lone male, we witnessed several performances over the next hour.  We were able to get a few photographs and video but unable to include flying shots.  Even in the daylight their fast flights would be difficult to capture so nighttime made it nearly impossible.  WoodcockWoodcockPhotographed at night during mating ritual


This video contains footage of the American Woodcock’s peent calls performed on the ground during their mating ritual activity.  Listen carefully to the sounds of a springtime American Woodcock.

American Woodcock


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That is amazing about the woodcock ,and you did so well to get such great shots, we have Woodcock here in the UK , and the Male flys in circles over his territory makeing a load croaking sound, like a frog, its call a roding.
All the best, Gordon.
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