Songbirds With Partial Pennsylvania Breeding Grounds

June 04, 2014  •  2 Comments

This blog post, the second of three, are photos made this April and May of songbirds that breed in Pennsylvania but not common breeders everywhere in the state.  Whether it's the Erie Peninsula, the Allegheny National Forest of the northwest, the old growth of Cook's Forest, the warmer regions of the Delaware Valley, or anywhere else for that matter, these birds are commonly found somewhere in our state of Pennsylvania.  This is definitely the largest group I photographed this spring so I hope you enjoy the photos.

The Black-throated Blue Warbler breeds from western Ontario east to southern Quebec and Nova Scotia; south to Minnesota, Great Lakes, and Connecticut; and in mountains to northern Georgia. Winters in Gulf Coast states (irregularly) and Greater Antilles.

Black-throated Blue WarblerBlack-throated Blue WarblerMale

Black-throated Blue Warbler


The Black-throated Green Warbler breeds from eastern British Columbia, Ontario, and Newfoundland south to Alberta, Minnesota, Ohio, northern New Jersey, and in mountains to Georgia. Winters from Florida and Texas southward.

Black-throated Green WarblerBlack-throated Green WarblerAdult Male (Spring)

Black-throated Green Warbler


The Blackburnian Warbler breeds from Saskatchewan east to Nova Scotia, south to Great Lakes, southern New England, and in mountains to northern Georgia. Winters in tropics.

Blackburnian WarblerBlackburnian WarblerMale

Blackburnian Warbler


The Blue-winged Warbler breeds from Nebraska, central Iowa, southern Wisconsin, southern Ontario, and central New England south through east-central and Atlantic Coast states to northern Georgia. Winters in tropics.  There are conflicting maps showing the areas in Pennsylvania that this bird breeds.  The National Audubon Society shows this bird breeding in all of Pennsylvania while other resources show regions it doesn't. 

Blue-winged WarblerBlue-winged WarblerMale

Blue-winged Warbler


The Canada Warbler breeds from southern Canada to northern United States east of Rockies, and in mountains to northern Georgia. Winters in tropics.

Canada WarblerCanada WarblerMale

Canada Warbler


The Chestnut-sided Warbler breeds from south-central Canada, east to Nova Scotia, south to east-central United States and in Appalachian Mountains. Winters in tropics.  Once again, there are conflicting Pennsylvania breeding maps depending on resource.  Either way, most of Pennsylvania is considered a breeding ground for the Chestnut-sided Warbler.

Chestnut-sided WarblerChestnut-sided WarblerAdult Male (Spring)

Chestnut-sided Warbler


The Hooded Warbler breeds from Iowa, Michigan, and southern New England south to Gulf Coast and northern Florida. Winters in tropics.  Other maps show this bird does not breed in the eastern part of the state.

Hooded WarblerHooded Warbler

Hooded Warbler


The Magnolia Warbler breeds from British Columbia across central Canada to northeastern United States, and in Appalachian mountains south to Virginia. A rare visitor to West Coast. Winters in tropics.

Magnolia WarblerMagnolia WarblerAdult Male (Spring)

Magnolia Warbler


The Nashville Warbler breeds from British Columbia and northwestern Montana south to central California and central Idaho; and from Manitoba, Quebec, and Nova Scotia, south to Minnesota, northern WestVirginia, and western Maryland. Winters south of U.S.-Mexico border.

Nashville WarblerNashville WarblerAdult Male (Spring)

Nashville Warbler


The Northern Parula breeds from southeastern Canada to Gulf Coast. Winters from southern Florida southward into tropics.  More detailed maps show sections of Pennsylvania the Northern Parula does not breed.

Northern ParulaNorthern ParulaAdult Male (Spring) Northern Parula


The Prothonotary Warbler breeds mainly in southeastern states north to Minnesota, Michigan, and New York. Winters in tropics.

Prothonotary WarblerProthonotary WarblerMale

Prothonotary Warbler


The Warbling Vireo breeds from British Columbia, southern Mackenzie, Manitoba, and New Brunswick south to northern Mexico, Louisiana, and Virginia. Winters in tropics.  More detailed maps show sections of Pennsylvania the Warbling Vireo does not breed.

Warbling VireoWarbling Vireo

Warbling Vireo


The White-eyed Vireo breeds from Nebraska, Illinois, Ohio, southeastern New York, and central New England south to eastern Texas and southern Florida. Winters from Gulf Coast and Florida southward.

White-eyed VireoWhite-eyed Vireo

White-eyed Vireo


The Yellow-rumped Warbler breeds from northern Alaska, northern Manitoba, central Quebec, and Newfoundland south in West to northern Mexico and in East to Michigan, northern New York, Massachusetts, and Maine. Winters from southern part of breeding range southward into tropics.

Yellow-rumped WarblerYellow-rumped WarblerAdult Male (Spring)

Yellow-rumped Warbler


Check back Friday morning for the final songbird blog of this series titled "Songbirds That Breed In Pennsylvania".



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Spectacular photographs of these beauties! However do you get such outstanding images of these breathtaking warblers and vireos?
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Nice pics Dan. Lynne and I enjoy viewing your new bird photos.
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