Joe king(non-registered)
Great to see your pictures and videos- you are an artist!! Looking forward to seeing some of the fox pictures and more of your work!!
Mike Fiorina(non-registered)
These pictures are amazing. Great job and I enjoyed the galleries.
Maryellen Walter(non-registered)
So amazing! Your patience is so rewarding.
Paul Staniszewski(non-registered)
Very nicely done... Great photographs
Karen (Bocchi) Rearick(non-registered)
Dan, your photos are amazing. Loved viewing them. So much talent.
Fern Trujillo(non-registered)
Excellent Blog my friend, well designed and scripted!
John C. Puhala(non-registered)
Hi Dan-Glad I had a chance to meet you at the Elk Visitor Center today. Your photos and videos are great. Thanks for taking the time to chat with a wildlife photographer wannabe. Keep up the great work.
Sophie & Oliver(non-registered)
Hi Dan! We met at the Big Bird Day down in Ohio. Your photos are great! Thank you for sharing them with us :)
What beautiful photographs you take.I enjoy every single one! Keep on shootin :)
Janice Aubrey(non-registered)
Am watching a nest right now -- it's in York, PA. These beautiful creatures are absolutely stunning and your pictures are stunning do them total justice. Thank you for paying them the respect they deserve and for sharing their beauty and grandiosity!
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